Sustainable Use. Protect The Resource.

In nature there is life and death, there is also hunger and survival. Its a landscape that is raw, unforgiving, and also beautiful. The hunter and the trapper understand this, and its something that can only be truly understood by one another. For the trapper, the furbearer species in which he/she pursues, and the lands in which they traverse must be conserved. As users of the natural land, we must protect and watch over these irreplaceable resources. Our regulated take of wildlife comes with a price: we must do everything in our power to conserve these resources for our future generations. Its a price North America’s trappers are ready & willing to contribute to.

Listen to Furbearer Conservation™ contributor Jeff Traynor, as he chats with other local conservationists about the benefits of regulated trapping, and hands-on conservation of natural resources. Thanks to Fred Bird from NWTF's Strutzone All-access, and Jay Scott from The Big Buck Registry