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About the author

"Self-reliant, and self-sustaining; I consider myself a solitary fixture in New Hampshire’s wild outdoors. Writer, critic and hands-on conservationist – with a dash of sarcasm and a pinch of "Yankee grit" thrown in for good measure.

Many years of researching the current tools and traps used, and acquiring data from the experts, has led me to feel fully comfortable advocating, endorsing, and taking part in the activity of regulated trapping on the modern landscape. It is a passionate interest in the furbearing species native to New Hampshire's wilderness that have directed me to partake in this activity. I firmly believe the experiences and knowledge I have gained through regulated fur trapping activities in nature can't be matched by any book or classroom."

Jeff Traynor is a licensed fur trapper, on-call urban/wildlife conflict consultant and Wildlife Control Operator for various clients and agricultural land-owners throughout New Hampshire. He passionately regards the importance of, and advocacy for modern fur trapping both as a regulated outdoor activity and as an integral component of modern wildlife management, biology, and conservation. Additionally, his opinions and commentary on the benefits of regulated furbearer trapping activities have been featured both in radio and print.