Since 2014, has led an effort to advocate for regulated trapping and science-based wildlife management. I intend to ensure regulated trapping continues to be utilized as a formidable tool for wildlife management, species diversity, and conservation for future generations to enjoy and protect.


Our Mission seeks to support common-sense conservation and tried and true wildlife management practices while fighting to keep the activity of regulated fur trapping relevant in an ever changing public demographic. is focused on public outreach to New Hampshire citizens in regards to the many positive benefits modern fur-trapping poses to the Northeast’s diverse landscape; as well as presenting, in detail, the integral role trapping plays on our unique ecosystem.

It is my mission to present you with a snapshot of modern fur trapping and all associated trades & activities revolving around trapping; such as seasonal fur trapping, biology and data collection, fur handling & usage, wildlife control, animal damage management, and overall wildlife species health and sustainability. Few conservationists champion wildlife and wild places more than the fur-trapper. This statement is solidified through the passion and desire of thousands of licensed trappers, like myself, who wish to see native furbearer populations continue to flourish for millennia to come.

It is my mission to use as the proverbial sledgehammer to knock down the walls put in place by anti-trapping extremists and flawed rhetoric. Brick by brick and stone by stone, I intend to dismantle this wall put in place to divide the modern fur-trapper and the non-trapping public. has been created to open a dialogue between trappers and non-trappers alike and to solidify and sanction the Northeast trapper’s place in modern wildlife conservation.

Education and rational conversation are the only ways to combat the stigma that modern trapping is somehow obsolete or unnecessary. As trappers and stewards to the land we inhabit, we must not be shy about taking on the emotionally charged, and sometimes extremely flawed arguments surrounding these trapping stigmas.
— Jeff Traynor,