Studies & Reports Pertaining to Trapping

Best management practices

The purpose of the Best Management Practices (BMP) process is to scientifically evaluate the traps and trapping systems used for capturing furbearers in the United States. Evaluations are based on animal welfare, efficiency, selectivity, practicality, and safety.

This process was conducted jointly by state and federal natural resources agencies and the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA), and the results are available for wildlife management professionals, the trapping community, and the public.

trapping & furbearer management

"Furbearer Management in North America maintains wild furbearer populations at sustainably harvestable, scientifically determined and socially acceptable levels. Furbearer management impacts numerous wildlife populations and habitats, and human health, safety and property."

NH Fisher trapping program

In 1969, West Virginia reintroduced 23 fisher obtained from New Hampshire. Fisher populations in West Virginia have since expanded throughout that state and into western Maryland, northern Virginia, and southwestern Pennsylvania.

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